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About STAA Ltd.

What is STAA?

STAA is a not-for-profit company responsible for the letting, management and maintenance of the historic St Anns Allotments.

STAA also represents gardeners on all issues involving how the site is managed and maintained.

As a result of revenue funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Nottingham City Council, STAA expanded from a small, barely-resourced organisation, to a organisation which delivers a full tenancy and management service alongside building local partnerships and researching and promoting the heritage of the site.

STAA's aims

What is the structure of STAA?

The day to day running of STAA is carried out by eight members of staff working on areas such as tenancy issues, management of the site and researching the heritage and history of the site. STAA is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors who together form the Management Committee.

Management Committee

The Management Committee for STAA operates in a voluntary capacity. There can be up to 12 Management Committee members at any one time who each need to be proposed and seconded by Members of STAA at the AGM.

The committee meets once a month to oversee the work of STAA’s paid staff and to receive feedback from the on-going project work. Committee members are required to be familiar with the requirements of the current and on-going projects which can entail more voluntary time than the monthly meetings.

How can I become a Member of STAA?

Any gardener holding a tenancy on the St Anns Allotments can apply to be a Member of STAA, which means accepting and conforming to its Articles of Association.
Organisations holding tenancies may nominate one representative to be a STAA member.