Hungerhill Fruit Tree Project

The St Anns Allotments have a rich and fascinating fruit tree heritage. Espalier apple tree on Gorsey Close gardens
We estimate there are 2,000 fruit trees in gardens around the site, with most thought to pre-date the Second World War and many much older still. Samples were collected in autumn 2009 from a fraction of the older trees which identified 120 varieties of apple and 50 varieties of pear, many of Victorian origin.
To promote this wonderful collection we secured funding from Awards For All and set up the Hungerhill Fruit Tree Project with the aim of propagating 2,000 apple and pear trees. The varieties chosen were a mixture of the local, heritage and newer varieties recommended for organic growing. A range of rootstocks was selected to produce trees of different sizes, providing trees to suit a range of different situations. The trees were grown on two plots on site, with support from many volunteers. We lost some through the severe weather last winter, and some grafts failed to ‘take’, but we’ve succeeded in growing around 1500 trees.
From November 2011 we have distributed freely throughout the area to local residents, community groups, schools, parks and other open spaces.