Fruit Trees on the St Anns Allotments

There are 120 known apple and over 50 pear varieties growing on the heritage gardens of the St Anns Allotments, making it one of the most diverse collections of apple and pear trees in the county. Below is a list of varieties that have been identified during the first phase of our project. Only a fraction of our trees have so far been identified. We hope that during the fruiting season of 2010 many more identifications can be added to this list.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following people and groups who made all our identifications and for their on-going assistance with the project: Simon Clark from the Northern Apple Group; Adrian Baggaley from the Northen Fruit Group; the Marcher Apple Network; and the Fruit Department at RHS Wisley. We would also like to express our thanks to Joan Morgan for visiting the site and showing enthusiasm for our work.

NB: All information relating to varieties, characteristics and descriptions is sourced from the following:

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Morgan, M. and Richards, A. 2002. The new book of apples. London: Ebury Press.

National Fruit Collection public access database at Brogdale Farm, Kent.

Images on variety description pages are the copyright of STAA unless otherwise stated.