Doyenne du Comice

French variety.
Raised at at the Comice Horticole, Angers, Department of Maine-et Loire. It first fruited in 1849 and was introduced to Britain by Sir Thomas Dyke Acland in 1858.
One of the finest pears, it needs a warm sheltered site to grow and crop well. It benefits from training against a warm wall or fence. It is grown commercially throughout the world, and on a small scale in Britain

Coloured pale green-pale yellow, some fruits have red flush, and sometimes faint stripes. Variable amounts of fine russet, usually patches around the eye and stalk. Some fruits can be completely covered in russet, others clean-dependant on the soil, season and climate. Shaped pyriform variable; some fruits almost bergamotte. The skin is normally smooth and the flesh is pale yellow, juicy, melting, fine, and very slightly gritty at core. Delicious with excellent flavour. sized medium-large (larger fruits pyriform)

Pick early October, season mid October-mid November


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Image from Pears by Jim Arbury & Sally Pinhey.