The project aims are to encourage local food growing, promote and increase access to healthy eating and exercise, increase horticultural skills through workshops, volunteer opportunities and on line information, and celebrate the rich fruit growing heritage of the area and of the site.

In order to do this we plan to create new fruit trees in a variety of sizes to suit a wide number of people and suitable for a range of locations. The following rootstocks will be used, which along with the inherent vigour of each variety as well as the strength of the soil, determine the eventual size of the tree


Rootstock Spacing (feet) Height (feet)
M26 8-12 8-12
MM106 12-15 12-15
M25 20-25 20-25


Rootstock Spacing (feet) Height (feet)
Quince A 12-15 12-15
Pyrus communis 25 25