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Beurré Hardy

Raised c1820 by M. Bonnet in Boulogne, France. In 1830 it was acquired by M. Jamin, a nurseryman, and named after M. Hardy, Director and Professor of Arboriculture at the Luxembourg Gardens. It was introduced to Britain c1840.
A reliable, good cropping, good quality pearIt makes a vigorous and upright tree. It is grown commercially on the Continent, and on a small scale in Britain. One of the best garden cultivars

Coloured light green, most fruits almost covered with bronze russet, red flush on some fruits over ¼ - ½ of the surface
Shape is round/conical, and the skin is rough, sometimes looking hammered. Size is medium-large. Flesh is creamy (green under skin). Fine, juicy and tender with a rose water flavour

Pick mid September, season October

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