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UK variety.
Raised by Rivers of Sawbridgeworth from ‘Leon Leclerc de Laval’ open pollinated and exhibited at the National British Pear Conference of 1885; hence its name. It is the best of several pears raised by Rivers and the best all-round pear or cultivation in Britain. It is a reliable, heavy cropper and will produce parthenocarpic fruit when grown without a pollinator. The flavour is consistently good, if not the finest. It is the most widely commercially grown pear in Britain and is also widely grown on the continent

Coloured yellow/green A lot of brown russet often continuous over areas of the fruit. Some fruits are almost clean, others almost entirely russetted; variation according to site and weather. Occasionally pink flushed on chalky soils.
Shaped pyriform to calabasse, even. Some parthenocarpic fruits are distorted and banana shaped. Sized medium
Skin is slightly rough rough and the flesh is pale yellow with slight pinkish tinge towards the core. Melting, very juicy and sweet with a pleasant pear flavour

Pick end of September, season October/November


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Image from Pears by Jim Arbury & Sally Pinhey.

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