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UK variety.
Early season, dessert apple.
Worcester Pearmain X (possibly) Beauty of Bath
Raised c1949 by Mr Dummer of Blacksmith’s Corner, Langham, Essex. Named Thurston August; renamed 1962 and introduced by nurseryman J. Matthews of Thurston, Suffolk. The mother tree still grows in the garden at Langham.
Dummer, a workman on an Essex fruit farm, had raised a number of seedlings from Worcester Pearmain pips and decided to plant the best one in the front garden. He only had one arm so his wife’s help was needed, but she slipped and broke her ankle, so the tree had to remain, despite frosts, covered by a sack for some weeks before it was planted. Nevertheless it survived to produce colourful heavy crops, which unlike most earlies, never seemed to drop.
Came to the notice of Matthews, who bought grafts and every year held a party under the tree to popularise his new variety.
Main early commercial variety by 1980s; widely grown in gardens

Well ripened on the tree, bright red with crisp, juicy, often pink-stained flesh and a hint of strawberry flavour
Coloured bright red flush on a green/green-yellow background flecked with fine dots of pale russet, the flesh is cream
Size is medium and its shaped round; slightly flattened

Pick mid-late August, season mid-late August/September

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