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Doyenne Bussoch

Synonyms include 'Double Philippe', 'Doynne de Merode', 'Albertine'.
An old Beligian cultivar of uncertain origins. Originally known as Double Phillipe, renamed by Van Mons-‘Doyenné de Merode’ in honour of Court Merode of Waterloo and subsequently renamed ‘Doyenné Bussoch’ in 1836. It was introduced to Britain in 1842. It is reliable and produces a compact spreading tree. It was grown commercially in the C19th but the fruit is really only second rate and will not store for very long

Coloured light green turning bright yellow, occasionally a red flush over ¼-½ of the surface. Variable russet; many fruits almost clean with only a patch near the stalk; others can be up to half covered. Shaped variably round, with some fruits pyriform. Flattened at base and apex. Skin is rough and the flesh is white and coarse with no flavour, but very juicy. Sized medium-large

Pick mid September, season late September-early October




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