Natural Heritage

Welcome to the Natural Heritage Project

Natural Heritage is a one-year project funded by The Postcode Local Trust to allow STAA to experiment with trying new workshops, talks, tours, and to share the amazing St Ann’s Allotments with new audiences.

The project has four themes:


During the project we will be looking to:

  • Deliver imaginative, innovative, and radical activities
  • Collaborate with new partners
  • Identify future projects
  • Celebrate and promote what makes St Ann’s Allotments a unique green space
  • Develop new ways to explore and enjoy our projects at St Ann’s Allotments

For more information, please contact Lucy or Holly at, 0115 960 2282

Details of activities and events happening as part of the Natural Heritage project can be found on our events page.

"STAA Burst"
we are in windy roads - in sheds - our quirkiness
born in heritage with future to behold
we hedge and twist ourselves - the buzzard sits its rest
we are STAA - bursting in our folds
we are in heritage and future will behold
we speak of petrichor and let the rain clouds sleep
we love the sky's wideness - pond reflecting in the soul
we are STAA - the soil - the mud - the deep
we hedge and twist ourselves - the buzzard takes its rest
we stop by flowerbeds - greenhouses - rub shoulders with the trees
we are fox like - (but the fox out-tricks the best)
we are STAA - our laughter jangling like our keys
we are STAA - bursting - we unfold
we are in heritage with future to behold

Dave Wood

STAA’s Natural Heritage project is funded by the Postcode Local Trust

Postcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.
‘Natural Heritage’ received £19,984 from the Trust to deliver the above activities.