Volunteering – Covid information

Volunteering with STAA Projects

We are pleased to be able to re-open our volunteering activities at STAA across a number of our projects. There are a lot of tasks that need your volunteer help, and we also feel that our projects are able to offer a calm, grounded and meaningful environment.

Due to the current climate, need to follow government guidance and our duty of care to keep our volunteers safe, we have had to introduce a few changes and extra measures.  We feel these measures are reasonable and meaningful, and hopefully you understand why we need to spend a little extra time on them. All procedures and risk assessments will be reviewed on a very regular basis.

We have included some of our guidance at the bottom of this email so it can be referred to at any time.

What can you expect?

  • Volunteer groups will be smaller and spread out
  • Volunteers must book on (usually via eventbrite) ahead of the session
  • We will ask you to read and sign that you agree to a ‘pre-session guidance’ sheet – all volunteers will receive this. 
  • We will have a chat with all volunteers at the beginning of the first session as a ‘Covid Health check questionnaire’.  This will just check there are no reasons to reconsider your volunteering, and if there are any extra measures we can implement to ensure safe working.
  • There will be a health and safety briefing at the beginning of each session 
  • The session lead will have set up the site ahead of your arrival – including cleansing any high touch areas if needed.
  • Tools have been colour coded so sharing of tools is limited, and tool sanitising stations have been set up.
  • There are hand sanitising stations scattered around all the projects
  • There are a few signs outlining how many people are allowed in our allotment buildings and greenhouses, and highlighting other key features.

In addition

  • We may have to cancel sessions more readily in the event of bad weather as we do not have enough shelter to provide alternative activities safely.  so please check the weather yourself and also for messages ahead of the session
  • It is really important that you read, listen and understand all our communications.  We are very focused on looking out for each other as teams.
  • We highlight that there are spaces on all our projects for people to take a few moments if they are experiencing any anxiety.

Pre-session guidance for volunteers

Book on to volunteer sessions and other STAA activities at our eventbrite page here

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator with any questions at lucy.kennedy@staa-allotments.org.uk