Use of water

Please use water wisely.

All mains water on the allotments has to be paid for and is available from taps situated in most of the avenues. If it is not used carefully, there could be an increase in allotment rents. Here are a few tips to help you use water efficiently when gardening:

  • Use guttering on shed roofs to connect to butts for collecting water to supplement tap water.
  • Water carefully – do it very early in the morning, if possible, or later in the evening when the sun is not too strong.
  • Avoid sprinklers – they can use as much water in one hour as an average family uses in a day!
  • If using a hose pipe make sure that it fits tightly onto your tap and does not leak.
  • Dig manure and compost into the soil in the autumn as this will help the soil to retain moisture. 
  • Mulch – a layer of tree bark, gravel, compost, shredded newspaper or cardboard will be a protection from the sun and will help reduce moisture loss from the soil and help keep your plants healthy as well as keeping the weeds down.
  • Use a watering can instead of a hose pipe so as not to waste water.
  • Water in new plants thoroughly, but not much afterwards – this will encourage a deep root system.
  • Remove weeds that are competing with your crops. Hoe weeds regularly to help your plants benefit from the soil’s moisture.
  • Do not over-water herbs as many of our herbs originate from hot climates and thrive better in dry conditions.

It is important to help save water on the site by checking taps and turning off any left on or dripping. Please report any damaged taps or leaks to STAA so that repairs can be made quickly, consequently saving money.