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Management and security

Every plot holder has a responsibility to make sure that the allotment site is:


A gate with a chain and padlockIf you wish to bring any visitors to the gardens, please remind them that the site is not open to the general public. Whilst they are visiting, you as the tenant are  responsible for their conduct which, if inappropriate, may result in you losing your tenancy.

You are responsible for securing your own garden gate - a good padlock and length of chain is usually adequate for this. The gates to the site must be locked after you come in or go out of the site, to help with site security and to limit the misuse of the site by people who are not tenants. You must ensure that the keys issued to you are not lost or lent to anyone who is not an allotment tenant.

Managing your allotment garden

If you have larger items and decide to arrange a skip, please don’t leave it in a place which will block access for other gardeners and don’t fill the skip higher than the height of its sides.  No asbestos, old fridges or tyres must be put in skips, so keep an eye on your skip to make sure someone else doesn’t take unfair, and illegal, advantage of it.