A place to learn & have fun

St Anns Community Orchard is a safe, beautiful, natural and productive space where local people can play, learn and meet each other outdoors.

With both wildness and fresh organic produce, it offers something for everyone by enhancing wellbeing and reducing stress and prejudice.

We established the Orchard in 2001 and it has been managed by local people for local people ever since, becoming a trusted and highly-respected local resource and a key feature in the lives of children and their families. Now in its second generation, many parents bringing their families to the Orchard have enjoyed the site themselves as children.

Made up of 13 plots, St Anns Community Orchard has one hundred fruit trees, ponds, a stream, a vegetable garden and a large straw-bale building. There is a campfire circled with benches for people to congregate, eat together and talk.

All of this creates a superb focus for community involvement, education, food growing and connecting with nature and wildlife.

Click on the map markers below to enter our virtual tour and start your journey through our wonderful Orchard.
The St anns community orchard has been awarded Green Flag
The St Anns Community Orchard is a Green Flag community award winner. The internationally recognised standard that is a benchmark for well-managed green spaces across the world.