STAA - Serving the Communities around St Anns Allotments

STAA is a small charity based at the historic St Anns Allotments site, just a mile from the bustling city centre of Nottingham. STAA manages a number of highly regarded projects across 30+ plots at St Anns Allotments providing community benefit & offering a wide variety of volunteering opportunities.

Our projects make a significant contribution to the upkeep of this amazing Grade 2* listed heritage site and the preservation of habitat and wildlife in the urban oasis at St Anns Allotments.

STAA was initially established in 1997, from a local campaign group that came together with the prime objective of saving and protecting the St Anns Allotment site (Hungerhill Gardens, Stonepit Coppice Gardens and Gorseyclose Gardens) from redevelopment.

STAA became a registered charity in 1998 and over the course of 20 years have been key partners in the delivery of large-scale infrastructure and Heritage Lottery Fund projects which have contributed to the restoration and regeneration of St Anns Allotments. Our research projects have also captured much of the St Anns Allotments’ unique history.

STAA managed the allotment site and tenancies until December 2017 through a service level agreement with Hungerhill Developments Ltd. The site is now managed directly by HDL.

In July 2020, STAA converted to a Foundation CIO* and continues its commitment to protecting, preserving and promoting the heritage, horticultural, wildlife and community value of St Anns Allotments. STAA works inside and outside the site gates with local schools, community groups and partner organisations to promote the heritage of the site, provide education and volunteering opportunities along with social welfare, recreational and leisure activities to improve the wellbeing of our wider communities in St Ann’s, Mapperley and inner-city Nottingham.

Our website is designed to give visitors a broader understanding of our organisation and our varied projects including:

If you’d like to support our work or join our team of volunteers then we’d love to hear from you.


*Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation