Tackling food poverty and insecurity from St Anns Allotments

STAA Community Harvest Project is an initiative to sow, grow and distribute fresh fruit and veg to where it is most needed in the communities surrounding St Anns Allotments.

As well as directing surplus produce from our community gardens and volunteer plot holders, this year we are growing with the specific aim of supplying our local emergency food providers and social cafes. In 2020, we supported 3 local groups with regular fresh produce, this supported an incredible 120+ meals every week for local residents who were experiencing financial hardship, homelessness, social isolation and poor mental and physical health.

The STAA Community Harvest project has already helped hundreds of people across our local communities and this year we want to do more. To do this we need your help and support. You can help by growing produce for the project either on your own garden or  at one of ours or you could support our deliveries even make a financial contribution.

Make a donation.

You can support this project by donating a one-off or monthly amount that will help us to:

  • Buy and grow seeds and plants
  • Build cold-frames and buy compost and topsoil
  • Deliver crates of fresh fruit and veg to our local community
Get involved.

You can help the STAA Community Harvest project to tackle food poverty by getting involved. We need to involve plot holders and local residents to increase the amount of food we can distribute back into the community.

  • Do you have more beans/marrows/tomatoes than you can manage?
  • Maybe a few hours spare each week to come and pick produce or deliver crates to community venues?
  • Or do you have a bit of space in your greenhouse or raised bed to help us grow even more much needed fresh fruit and veg for our local community?

If you would like to get involved please contact our Harvest Project Co-Ordinator.