Rob and Lydia cutting a ribbon to open The Nursery garden

A thank you to Rob Wood by Richard Arkwright

All organisations have their unsung heroes, the ones rarely seen and barely known-about without whom the whole thing would fall apart. For STAA, it’s always the volunteers, and most particularly the management committee; giving up their evenings – and often a lot, lot more than that – to make sure budgets balance, procedures are adhered to and that staff are free to get on…

Photo of dig for victory garden with anderson shelter in the background

Summerpods by Paul Freeborough (Volunteer)

I have previously written about summerhouses on St Ann’s Allotments during the 19th century. They provided gardeners with shelter, along with partying and storage facilities. Shortly before the outbreak of World War II a shelter proposal under the Hungerhill Gardens, rather than over them, was suggested.  In a city that is on the edge of a mining area, where thousands of men are living who know all…

Photo of a pink rose

Prizes by Paul Freeborough (Volunteer)

It’s that time of year when we begin to harvest those prize fruits, vegetables and flowers that we’ve been nurturing all year. Back in August 1871, the “hard-handed mechanics” of St Ann’s Allotments “gently and lovingly” handled their roses:   “They cut them affectionately, set them up tenderly, and the Roses respond by displaying their full beauty. It is impossible…

Photo of tabbouleh meal prepared, with decorative leaves around it

Tabbouleh recipe by Stuart Bower (Volunteer)

Ingredients  For the tabbouleh  ½ cup spring onion tops, finely sliced ½ cup nasturtium leaves, chopped ½ cup climbing spinach, chopped ½ cup parsley, chopped ½ cup mint, chopped ½ cup coriander, chopped (optional) 200g tomatoes, finely chopped  200g sweet July-harvested gooseberries  100g cooked kasha (cracked buckwheat)  For the dressing   ¼ cup olive oil Juice and zest of 2 limes 1 tsp sugar Several fresh basil leaves 2…